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Introducing InterCEPT

InterCEPT is a web-based counterfeit mitigation training program designed exclusively for the unique needs of the electronics industry.


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What ERAI does

ERAI provides its global members with supply chain risk mitigation solutions including the world's largest searchable database of counterfeit components and high risk suppliers. LEARN MORE

Part Risk Mitigation

Search for critical data in the largest source of suspect counterfeit and nonconforming electronic parts. LEARN MORE

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Government and industry recognize the significance of information sharing. Reporting to ERAI is easy, free and open to any organization in the global supply chain. LEARN MORE

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ERAI's counterfeit awareness resource center in conjunction with our reported parts database provides an indispensable tool for your counterfeit risk mitigation plan. LEARN MORE







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Renewed optimism amid electronics supply chain
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ERAI: Electronic Supply Chain Counterfeit Reporting and Avoidance

ERAI's database of reported counterfeit parts and has been providing tools and services to buyers and sellers from all sectors of the electronic supply chain for more than 25 years. With a focus on preventing loss by minimizing risk during the material purchasing process, ERAI offers counterfeit components avoidance resources and counterfeit parts mitigation training required for organizations to fulfill requirements in their counterfeit prevention policies and industry standards.

Along with the world’s largest database of counterfeit electronic parts, ERAI’s risk assessment tools enable you to:
  • Report nonconforming and counterfeit electronic parts
  • Search our companies database to screen high-risk suppliers and perform customer analysis
  • Search a vast photo library of electronic parts by specific nonconformance types
  • Train and certify employees on counterfeit part mitigation, detection and avoidance
  • Source in-stock electronic parts exclusively from ERAI Members

Benefits of ERAI Services

With the boom in e-commerce and online trading over the last few years, it's become crucial to carefully vet and monitor your suppliers to avoid the likelihood of severe repercussions from the purchase and/or sale of counterfeit electronic parts. ERAI's membership can provide you with that extra security by connecting you to a global network of like-minded businesses that strive to eliminate the sale of counterfeit electronic parts.

Additionally, ERAI offers the InterCEPT counterfeit parts training program to give members the extra tools they need to avoid and detect counterfeit electronic components. With a focus on counterfeit parts prevention, InterCEPT classes provide employees with information and knowledge on your schedule via our online web-based platform. InterCEPT classes range from beginner overviews to job function-specific comprehensive reviews focused on helping your organization mitigate counterfeit parts.

Counterfeit techniques and, accordingly, detection methods and avoidance best practices, are constantly changing and evolving. One of the most important benefits that ERAI members receive is a constant influx of alerts, news and updates that assist organizations in maintaining the integrity of their chain of supply.

Who We Work With

Although we serve clients across a wide range of fields, high reliability, life-critical and obsolete part-dependent organizations benefit most from ERAI’s anti-counterfeiting solutions. ERAI’s tools are an essential part of any organization’s counterfeit mitigation program, especially for government agencies and private companies in the medical, nuclear, aerospace, defense and automotive sectors.

If you are interested in learning more about ERAI or enrolling in an InterCEPT class, feel free to contact us today and we'll be more than happy to provide you with assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!