ST-05: Industry Response to Counterfeits: SAE AS9100D Requirements for Counterfeit Part Control
Class Overview
The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) released SAE AS9100D - Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations in September of 2016.  Although counterfeit parts have been a concern in the military and aerospace industries for years, this version of SAE AS9100 includes requirements for counterfeit parts prevention. The class will provide background information and statistics about counterfeit electronic parts, discuss the requirements of SAE AS9100D as they relate to counterfeit parts and review several options for meeting those requirements.  In addition, this class discusses several best practices including a documented counterfeit mitigation program, obsolescence management, the GIDEP (Government Industry Data Exchange Program) and ERAI databases which are repositories of counterfeit part information, and the InterCEPT training modules which can be used to meet the training requirements for SAE AS9100D.
Class Content
  • General statistics about counterfeit electronic parts
    • ERAI statistics
    • Defense Industrial Base Assessment: Counterfeit Electronics
    • Committee on Armed Services Senate Hearings: Inquiry into Counterfeit Electronic Parts in the Department of Defense Supply Chain
    • GAO-12-375 - Suspect Counterfeit Electronic Parts can be Found on Internet Purchasing Platforms
  • Overview of counterfeit parts requirements in AS9100D
  • Relevant industry standards with a focus on counterfeit mitigation
  • Best practices in counterfeit mitigation
    • Documented policy
    • Obsolescence management
    • GIDEP database
    • ERAI database
    • InterCEPT web-based training
Learning Objectives
  • Become familiar with the issue of counterfeit electronic parts.
  • Understand the requirements in SAE AS9100D regarding counterfeit electronic parts.
  • Become familiar with the relevant industry standards developed to address counterfeit electronic parts and materials.
  • Identify best practices in the mitigation of counterfeit electronic parts in the supply chain.
  • Review several options for handling the requirements of SAE AS9100D in your quality management system.
  • Understand how the GIDEP database and the ERAI database are used to reduce the risk of purchasing or supplying a counterfeit part.
  • Understand how InterCEPT web-based training can meet the requirements for training in AS9100D.
Target Audience
Industry Sectors:
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Independent Distributors, Authorized Distributors, Government Agencies
Job Functions:
Contracting, Management, Purchasing, Sales, Quality, Engineering
Class Information
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Tuition: $225.00
(ERAI Member Price: $180.00)
List of Prerequisites and Recommended Pre-Course Learning
Class Handouts
  • Cross reference of standards to applicable organization