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You do not need to be a Member or pay a fee to file a complaint against a company to ERAI. Information you provide to ERAI is held in strict confidence; your identity is not released to parties not directly related to the incident. Upon filing this complaint you will be asked to provide adequate documentation to substantiate your complaint that may include Purchase Orders, invoices, email communications, failure reports, photographs, etc. For additional information, please review the ERAI Company Reporting Guidelines and ERAI's complete terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or have difficulty submitting this form, please contact the ERAI office at 239-261-6268.
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Please note that part number information is not required for past due invoice(s) or NSF check complaints.

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I acknowledge on this day the information I am forwarding to the ERAI is true and correct to the best of my ability and I am authorized to file this complaint on behalf of my company. Additionally, ERAI, Inc. has the right to contact the above named company being reported and provide them copies of any and all documentation pertaining to this complaint. I understand if at any time a Member is found to have provided false information with the intent to defraud ERAI, its Members, or to slander or defame another company via this service, the company's Membership will be revoked immediately without a refund of Membership dues. Furthermore, the reporting Entity understands that information provided to ERAI is the property of ERAI, Inc.