TM-01: Counterfeit Inspection and Testing of Electronic Parts: Test Methods Overview
Class Overview
This class will present an overview of the test methods for counterfeit mitigation of electronic components.  It will provide a brief overview of each of the following test methods: External Visual Inspection; X-Ray Fluorescence; Delid/Decapsulation Physical Analysis (DDPA); Radiological Inspection; Acoustic Microscopy and Electrical Test Methods.

In addition, test report content will be discussed as well as the role of in-house laboratories versus third party laboratories. The class includes images to help the attendee recognize the indicators of counterfeit or sub-standard electronic components.
Class Content
  • Overview of Test Methods
    • External Visual Inspection
    • X-Ray Fluoresence
    • Delid/Decapsulation Physical Analysis (DDPA)
    • Radiological Inspection
    • Acoustic Microsopy
    • Electrical Test Methods
  • Flow of the testing protocol
  • Overview of Test Reports
  • Internal Labs versus Third Party Labs
  • Review of published standards for counterfeit mitigation
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the various testing protocol and terminology for counterfeit mitigation testing.
  • Become familiar with the various test methods.
  • Understand the flow of the testing protocol.
  • Understand the importance of the results and the report.
  • Become aware of the published standards.
Target Audience
Industry Sectors:
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Independent Distributors, Government Agencies
Job Functions:
Quality, Purchasing, Management, Sales
Class Information
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Tuition: $225.00
(ERAI Member Price: $180.00)
List of Prerequisites and Recommended Pre-Course Learning
Class Handouts
  • Summary sheet of methods and the purpose of each test.
  • Resources for test methods standards (IDEA 1010 and SAE AS6171).