CBP Detention/Seizure Report

In an effort to enhance the data provided by ERAI to our Members, ERAI has begun documenting incidents of seizures and detentions made by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported to us by U.S.-based distributors who are placing orders with international suppliers. Our objective is to identify and report suppliers that are sending suspect counterfeit goods that are detained and subsequently seized by CBP.

We need your help - please take a moment to let us know about these suppliers. For shipments that have been seized, you can choose to permit ERAI to publish the name of the supplier in an ERAI Alert or alternately, we can keep the information confidential in our internal database for us to track – you choose. If you have only received a detention notice, ERAI will not issue an ERAI Alert against the supplier. We do ask that you consider sharing the data with other Members for seized shipments. Industry-wide cooperation is key to stemming the flow of counterfeit parts. ERAI relies on information provided by Members and non-Members alike and, in turn, it is our duty to share not just data, but lessons learned, best practices and strategies in our quest to control the flow of counterfeit products and illicit business practices throughout the electronics supply chain.

If you have received a notice of detention or seizure from the United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), please complete this form and return via fax to 1-239-236-1529 or email to anne@erai.com.

Company Information
Detention/Seizure Details
Did you receive notification from CBP that the shipment was
Date of Detention (if known)
Date of Seizure (if known)
Please describe any relevant details of this order and subsequent detention/seizure
Supplier Information
If the shipment was seized, do you provide consent for ERAI to publish an alert against this supplier? If Yes, please note that your company’s identity will remain confidential and will not be made public; however, an ERAI alert will be issued that will include the supplier’s identity.
Supplier Company Name
Supplier Address
Supplier City
Postal Code
Order Details
Part Number(s) (please enter all part numbers and corresponding manufacturer name of detained/seized parts involved in this shipment):
Part Number Mfg Date Code Lot Code Country of Origin Sold as
Total cost of goods in shipment:
Upload CBP Detention/Seizure Notice
Please use the file upload feature below to upload a copy of the CBP Detention or Seizure Notice. This file will not be displayed in the part alert issued by ERAI unless specific authorization is provided by you.
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Relevant documents and images may also be emailed separately to anne@erai.com.