InterCEPT certification program

InterCEPT’s certification programs have been designed for individual students in the electronics industry who want to take an extra step to further their counterfeit mitigation knowledge. Counterfeit techniques and, accordingly, detection methods and avoidance best practices, are constantly changing and evolving. InterCEPT Certification programs are designed to verify an individual’s technical knowledge and skills and provide recognition to the individual’s commitment to quality.

What InterCEPT certification means for you...

  • Provides proof of your skills and knowledge to an employer or potential employer
  • Affirms your competency and dedication to stay informed about the mitigation of counterfeit parts
  • Increased employer confidence and commitment to quality

What InterCEPT certification means for your company...

With millions of dollars lost per year due to counterfeits, the continuous growth of counterfeit parts entering the market has a tremendous effect on all organizations in the chain of supply. Many employers, customers and certification standards now include personnel training requirements. Conventional training and off-site educational opportunities place increasing time, budget and travel constraints on you and your personnel. InterCEPT provides your organization with:
  • Training solutions to meet customer, standards and federal requirements
  • Proficient employees versed in counterfeit mitigation
  • Increased customer, organizational and employee confidence to quality products and services
  • Flexible online classes with administrative tools to easily monitor training patterns

The Certification Process:

Each program will have individual requirements. However, all programs will require that a student take a specified set of InterCEPT classes. Once you have completed the classes and have met the eligibility criteria, an application for certification can be submitted to InterCEPT along with any other required documentation. Your application will be reviewed to confirm your documented skills to ensure the credibility of InterCEPT’s certification program. Upon approval, you will receive your training certificate. Please remember that certification is valid for 5 years after which you will need to apply for recertification.

InterCEPT currently offers three certification programs:

Visual Inspector 1 & 2
Certified Program Manager

Please contact for more details.