CP-01: Developing and Implementing a Documented Counterfeit Mitigation Program
Class Overview
The first step to establishing a counterfeit avoidance program is to document the process. Some standards refer to this document as a "control plan", other standards call it a "policy document" and yet others refer to this document is as a "procedure" or "process". Regardless of what your organization calls this document, the processes that your organization uses to ensure that you do not purchase, sell, install or release a counterfeit electronic part into the supply chain should be documented.

This class will cover the basic elements of a documented counterfeit avoidance process, which include:

  1. Documented Procedure
  2. Training
  3. Supply Chain Traceability
  4. Purchasing Procedure
  5. Flow Down Requirements
  6. Supplier Approval Process
  7. Verification of Purchased Product
  8. Quarantine/Disposition
  9. Reporting
  10. Maintaining current information
Note that this class will discuss the documented counterfeit avoidance program in general terms.
Class Content
  1. What is a documented counterfeit avoidance process?
  2. How does a documented counterfeit avoidance process fit into my current quality system?
  3. Basic elements of a documented counterfeit avoidance process
    1. Documented Policy
    2. Training
    3. Supply Chain Traceability
    4. Purchasing Policies
    5. Verification of Purchased Product
    6. Quarantine
    7. Disposition
    8. Reporting
  4. Best Practices for ongoing improvement of the counterfeit avoidance process
    1. Internal Audit
    2. Research industry sources (GIDEP, ERAI)
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the need for a Documented Counterfeit Avoidance Process.
  • Identify the critical elements that would be included in the Documented Counterfeit Avoidance Process.
  • Become familiar with industry best practices for Documented Counterfeit Avoidance Process.
Target Audience
Industry Sectors:
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Government Agencies, Independent Distributors, Authorized Distributors, Repair Stations
Job Functions:
Management, Purchasing, Sales, Quality
Class Information
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Tuition: $225.00
(ERAI Member Price: $180.00)
Class Handouts