Mission & Vision


InterCEPT provides unparalleled web-based counterfeit avoidance training to individuals who work in and serve the electronics industry. The broad spectrum of courses is specifically designed to augment the skills of this diverse community of professionals with roles in manufacturing, management, procurement, logistics, distribution, marketing, government agencies, law enforcement, attorneys, consultancies as well as other areas.

With organizations facing personnel strain and financial cutbacks, we understand your project list is full and resources are limited. Companies will not lose personnel for days at a time. Individuals gain flexibility in scheduling with our self-directed webinar format. Administrators can easily monitor training patterns and identify gaps through our online tools. By eliminating travel and related expenses, InterCEPT training provides a cost-efficient solution that will not stretch your budget or workload.

You will discover that it is the substance of the course offerings which truly make InterCEPT stand out. An InterCEPT course does not limit itself to an overview. Nor do the offerings as a whole limit themselves to any specific industry sector, but rather cover the wide gamut of skills necessary to manage products, suppliers and customers, inspect and test components and assess overall risk.

InterCEPT course objectives, content and take-aways were developed with the expertise of leaders from both commercial and government organizations. Content will be updated based on emerging information, feedback from industry experts, suggestions from trainees and the impact of new or changing legislation as counterfeit threats evolve.

In recent years we have a seen an emergence of new anti-counterfeiting standards at every level, as well as sweeping new government regulations, such as those of the US Department of Defense. Trained experts are needed to implement these standards, retain company certifications, plan for audits and ensure companies are employing best practices. InterCEPT’s goal is to help you become one of those valued experts.


InterCEPT will train electronics supply chain stakeholders in a variety of job roles to avoid and detect counterfeit product and establish solid relationships with companies throughout their supply chain. We aim to train an army of experts who will then become teachers and leaders in their own right. Trainees will emerge from the program with more than a certificate: they will become part of a dynamic, insightful community dedicated to employing best practices and ensuring a safer business environment driven by honest conversations between knowledgeable buyers and suppliers.

InterCEPT will:
  • Be an in-depth and up-to-date training program
    Deep-dive trainings, designed by a team of supply chain veterans, will continuously evolve as techniques and regulations mature.
  • Create an army of supply chain security experts, one student at a time
    InterCEPT will foster a network of knowledgeable industry leaders who are empowered to share their knowledge with colleagues.
  • Infuse this network with a spirit of collaboration
    Trainees will address domestic and international issues through a unified approach and collective determination arising from the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise.


An informed supply chain process that is 100% relationship-driven.