Counterfeit Parts Prevention Provided by Electronic Parts Risk Mitigation Tools

ERAI's part risk mitigation tools deliver critical data useful at all stages of product’s lifecycle.

Our component-based services include:
  • Searchable Database of High Risk and Suspect Counterfeit Parts – ERAI is the largest source of suspect counterfeit and nonconforming electronic parts. Our searchable database includes nonconformance descriptions, images, and the name of the supplier if available.
  • Real Time Parts Alerts – Once suspect counterfeit or nonconforming part data is vetted by ERAI, the relevant part information is uploaded to the ERAI High Risk and Suspect Counterfeit Parts Database. Members can opt to receive real-time email alerts whenever a new part is added.
  • Part Sourcing Exclusively from ERAI Members - ERAI provides the industry with the most reliable source for member only in-stock and available inventory. ERAI’s electronics trading service enables buyers and sellers of electronic components to trade exclusively with ERAI member companies. Along with part listings, members are automatically notified if any part search queries match part numbers found in ERAI’s High Risk and Suspect Counterfeit Parts Database.
For more information please contact an ERAI sales associate at (239) 261-6268 or e-mail