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Regardless of your company’s role in the supply chain of electronics, the onslaught of counterfeit parts and unethical suppliers has forever changed procurement best practices.  Over the past decade, the industry has exploded with the onset of the Internet and online trading platforms.  While it became easier to source parts, the chances of purchasing counterfeit goods from a high risk supplier also increased along with the likelihood of severe repercussions to your company’s revenue and brand.

Along with access to the most comprehensive data repository of counterfeit and nonconforming parts and problematic suppliers, ERAI is a hub for the latest news, events and updates throughout the industry.  Being an ERAI member means being a part of a network - a global network of companies that for the past twenty years has been united in sharing data, insights and lessons learned.  

How ERAI can help your company:

  • Reduce financial losses and protect brand reputation:  The world’s largest database of supplier and counterfeit part data enables you to make more informed business decisions and mitigate risk.

  • Prevent recurring quality problems:  Easily integrate ERAI services into your quality management procedures and procurement practices.

  • Stay informed:  Receive exclusive reports relative to counterfeiting trends including breakdowns by commodity types, occurrence, and detection methods from our database of nonconforming parts. Stay abreast of the latest news, standards updates, testing and inspection methods, social media hot topics and industry best practices.

  • Access data to assist you with compliance to recent government mandates in the US DFAR and DFARS and UK DEF STAN which require: 

  • Methodologies to identify suspect counterfeit electronic parts and to rapidly determine if a suspect counterfeit electronic part is, in fact, counterfeit:  ERAI’s database of counterfeit part data and images and screening recommendations.

  • Design, operation and maintenance of systems to detect and avoid counterfeit electronic parts and suspect counterfeit electronic parts:  Integration of ERAI data into existing internal data systems to allow immediate access to virtually all employees.

  • Process of keeping continually informed of current counterfeiting information and trends:  ERAI’s Counterfeit Awareness website resources, quarterly newsletter and ERAI’s LinkedIn Group: Counterfeit Part Avoidance, Detection, Disposition and Reporting Discussion.

  • The training of personnel:  Material and data to assist in ongoing anti-counterfeiting activities through ERAI’s exclusive library of known problematic device images.

  • The inspection and testing of electronic parts, including criteria for acceptance and rejection:  ERAI’s Recommendations for Screening for Nonconforming and Suspect/Fraudulent/Counterfeit Parts.

  • Build new and reinforce existing business relationships and further your relationship-driven model by sourcing from members using ERAI’s Part Sourcing feature.

  • Access training for your employees and ERAI Member discounted rates.

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