• About ERAI
    • What does ERAI stand for?
      ERAI was founded in 1995 as the Electronic Resellers Association (ERA). When the company expanded globally, it was renamed the Electronic Resellers Association International (ERAI). In 2007 when the company expanded into different sectors of the supply chain to include OEMs, CMs, OCMs, government agencies and testing laboratories amongst its members, we shortened our name to the acronym ERAI since by that time our logo and acronym were widely known.
  • Becoming an ERAI Member
    • Who can benefit from joining ERAI?
      ERAI's services benefit organizations that buy, sell, integrate and manufacture electronic parts and assemblies such as: distributors, contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, government contractors and original component manufacturers.
    • How do I join ERAI?
      To learn more about joining ERAI how your company can benefit from membership, please call 239-261-6268 or email
    • What does Membership in ERAI cost?
      Membership is billed annually and payment via wire transfer, check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express is accepted. To understand more about ERAI's services, cost and how your company can benefit from the different membership options offered by ERAI, please call 239-261-6268 or email
    • Can my organization become a Member if ERAI has issued an alert against my company?
      An organization applying for membership to ERAI cannot have any unresolved complaints listed on the ERAI website or complaints pending at the time of application. Please contact our Membership Services Department at 239-261-6268 to verify your company's eligibility.
  • Membership Certificates and ERAI Member Logos
    • How can I get a copy of my ERAI Membership Certificate?
      ERAI membership certificates are issued once your membership is renewed and are mailed via USPS. A digital copy of your ERAI membership certificate is included in your company profile and can be downloaded at any time. Please contact our Membership Services Department at 239- 261-6268 if you require a new copy.
    • How can I get a copy of the ERAI Member Logo?
      ERAI offers four different website and email versions of the ERAI "Smart Logo". Please note that this is the ONLY approved ERAI Member logo that should be displayed on ERAI Members' websites. To download your company's Smart Logo, please login to the ERAI website, click on the Profile tab and then the ERAI Smart Logo subtab. For publications and other printed materials, ERAI can provide you with print-friendly ERAI Member logos at your request. Please email for assistance.
  • Using the website
    • How can I change my password?
      In order to change your password, after you log into the website, click on the Profile tab, then click on the Users subtab. Click on the spyglass icon next to your name to make changes to your account. You will then see a Password field where you can type in your new password. Please remember to click on the save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
    • How can I change my email alert settings?
      In order to change your email alert settings, after you log into the website, click on the Profile tab, then click on the Users subtab. Click on the spyglass icon next to your name. At the bottom of the page, you will see the ERAI Alert Schedule (this is the frequency of the reported company alerts) and Reported Parts (this is the frequency of the high risk part alerts). Feel free to make any changes to those settings and remember to click on save.
  • Reporting to ERAI
    • Do I have to be a Member of ERAI in order to report a part or a company to ERAI?
      No. You do not need to be a Member or pay a fee to report nonconforming or suspect counterfeit part data or file a complaint against a company with ERAI.
    • Who can report data to ERAI?
      Any company involved in the global supply chain of electronics can report data to ERAI. ERAI accepts submissions from buyers, sellers, integrators and manufacturers such as: distributors, contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, government contractors and original component manufacturers.
    • Is there a fee to report data to ERAI?
      No. Reporting data to ERAI is free of charge, regardless of whether you are reporting a part or a company. You will not be billed by ERAI even if the complaint filed is resolved during or after our involvement.
    • What type of data can I report to ERAI?
      ERAI accepts reports on nonconforming, substandard and suspect/counterfeit parts and problematic suppliers and customers.
    • Can I report anonymously to ERAI?
      ERAI provides complete anonymity to a reporting company/entity that provides part data. As such, information on the reporting company is not visible on the ERAI website and is not disclosed to anyone (Members and non-Members alike).

      If your complaint is against a company, your identity will be revealed to them. Reported companies are made aware of the organization that filed the complaint, are provided with documentation to substantiate the complaint and are offered the opportunity to respond prior to being reported by ERAI.

      Communications between the Reporting and Reported Parties, ERAI and its representatives is considered privileged and confidential and is not disseminated to third parties not directly involved in the complaint.
    • Does ERAI show preference to Members involved in a complaint?
      No - ERAI is a neutral third party and will not show preference to any company regardless of membership status.
    • If an alert is posted in my company's profile, when can it be removed?
      It is ERAI policy that once posted, Disputes and Alerts are not removed from the ERAI website.
      • Alerts that remain unresolved will be visible on the ERAI website indefinitely.
      • Alerts that are resolved will be archived three (3) years from the date of resolution.
      • Disputes, regardless if they are resolved or unresolved, will be archived after three (3) years from the date reported.
      • All archived Disputes and Alerts will remain archived indefinitely.
    • Who views alerts posted by ERAI?
      ERAI Members have access to company profiles and ERAI Alerts and Disputes.
    • What is ERAI's policy on returning suspect counterfeit parts to a supplier?
      Suspect/fraudulent/counterfeit parts have no value and pose a serious threat; therefore, these types of parts should be controlled to prevent their re-entry into the supply chain. Organizations should maintain a written material control plan and should include terms and conditions in their purchase order contract that detail how suspect/fraudulent/counterfeit parts will be handled if encountered.

      Under no circumstances should suspect/fraudulent/counterfeit parts be returned to the supplier. The supplier should however be given an opportunity to verify the findings with a defined sample size. In accordance with SAE AS6081, the sample size should be "the lesser of ten (10) parts or 50%, of each suspect lot/date code." The parts can be sent to an independent third party laboratory and/or original component manufacturer for evaluation. Once the suspect/fraudulent/counterfeit nature of the parts is confirmed the parts should be placed into quarantine. The quarantined parts should be in an access-restricted, secure location and should be clearly marked. Labeling should be kept intact and should not be covered or altered. ERAI recommends the product be stored for a minimum of 5 years or as required by local laws. Upon the end of the quarantine period, the parts should be scrapped and a certificate of destruction should be kept on file.

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