Electronic Components Sourcing Services

ERAI provides the industry with the most reliable source for member only in-stock and available inventory. ERAI's part sourcing service enables buyers and sellers of electronic components to trade exclusively with ERAI member companies.  

ERAI-only features include:

  • Stock files solely from ERAI Members. Further your relationship-driven model by sourcing from companies also using ERAI’s services.

  • Automatic notification if any part search queries match part numbers found in ERAI's Database of Counterfeit and Nonconforming Parts providing for integrated part risk mitigation during the procurement process.

  • ERAI's exclusive SDS (Same Day Shipping) part search enables Members to search through parts that are shippable on the same day provided the order is received at the seller’s facility no later than 2:00 PM (seller’s time). This ensures parts that are advertised as “in stock” are truly ready to ship. No more sorting through stacks of nonexistent data.

  • RFQ basket enables multiple requests for quotes through one submission. Login, view actual inventories and send RFQs in minutes.

  • Customize the way results are presented to you – view only the data set that you need.

For more information please contact an ERAI sales associate at (239) 261-6268 or e-mail eraiinfo@erai.com.

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