Nonconforming Parts Photo Database

ERAI began collecting suspect counterfeit, counterfeit and nonconforming part data in 2001. Since that time, due to the generosity of Members and Non-Members alike, ERAI has compiled the world’s largest database of high risk parts. In 2014 ERAI expanded our part reporting service to include a Nonconformance Photo Library whereby Members can search and retrieve images illustrating specific nonconformance types.

Using various industry resources including, but not limited to, IDEA-STD-1010B, SAE AS6081 and numerous inspection reports originating from both Independent Distributors, OEMs and independent test labs, ERAI compiled a universal set of the major types of tests and inspection methods commonly used in the identification of nonconforming parts.

From the established detection methods list and after reviewing more than a decade of ERAI reported parts data, we were then able to define the common types of nonconformances that could be identified using these tests and inspection methods.

  • Documentation, Packaging & Shipping Inspection
  • BGA Lead External Visual Inspection
  • Lead External Visual Inspection
  • Part Markings External Visual Inspection
  • Device Package External Visual Inspection
  • Remarking & Resurfacing Testing
  • Mechanical Scraping (e.g. Scrape Test, Scratch Test)
  • Radiological (X-ray) Inspection
  • Lead Finish Evaluation (XRF or EDS/EDX)
  • Decapsulation Internal Analysis (a.k.a. delidding, decap)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • XRF Analysis
  • Solderability Testing

Photographs were then linked to each nonconformance type, more than 75 unique findings in all. The library is exclusively available to ERAI Members.

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