Counterfeit Awareness

ERAI has been documenting the incidence of counterfeit electronics in the supply chain since 2001. It was not until June of 2007 when the US Department of the Navy (NAVAIR) asked the Bureau of Industry and Security’s Office of Technology and Evaluation to conduct a defense industrial base assessment of counterfeit electronics. NAVAIR suspected an increasing number of counterfeit/defective parts were infiltrating the DoD supply chain and sought to verify and quantify their suspicions. The survey uncovered that 39% of the survey respondents encountered counterfeit electronic parts during a four year period from 2005-2008. Since this time, stakeholders from industry and government have worked together to respond to this formidable threat.

ERAI created this knowledge center as a resource to help educate organizations and individuals to become aware of the risks posed by counterfeits as well as a tool to keep even the most well informed executive current on the most recent happenings that might impact your organization.

Currently, the following resources have been compiled for your convenience:

  • Awareness Timeline – The sequence of events that have impacted the electronics industry.

  • NDAA – Learn about the National Defense Authorization Act and the Senate Armed Services investigation.

  • Government Studies – Reports from US Government sources regarding counterfeits.

  • Standards – An up-to-date list of standards applicable to the electronics industry.

  • Screening for Counterfeits – ERAI’s recommendation for parts screening.

  • Material Control – ERAI recommended best practices for material control.

  • Featured Papers and Articles – A library of white papers and relevant articles.

Report a Part

Government and industry recognize the significance of information sharing. Reporting to ERAI is easy, free and open to any organization in the global supply chain.