InterCEPT Program Manager Certification for Counterfeit Electronic Parts
A program manager is responsible for ensuring that products are manufactured in an organized manner to ensure that all customer requirements are met. In the electronics industry, a project cannot be successful without a pro-gram manager with the knowledge and experience necessary to avoid the risk posed by counterfeit parts. An individual who completes the InterCEPT Program Manager Certification for Counterfeit Electronic Parts is a person who understands the history, impact and solutions for mitigating counterfeit electronic parts.

The required courses include an understanding of how counterfeit parts enter the supply chain, developing a counterfeit mitigation program, an overview of the various industry standards developed to combat counterfeit electronic parts and an overview of the various counterfeit detection test methods for counterfeit electronic parts. These topics are all necessary to ensure that the customer requirements for the mitigation of counterfeit electronic parts are appropriately communicated to employees and flowed down throughout the supply chain.

Target Audience: Audience:
Manufacturers, Government Agencies, Test Laboratories

Job Functions:
Program Management, Product Engineers, Design Engineers, Quality, Sales

Certified Program Manager
Scope and Knowledge:

An InterCEPT Certified Program Manager has demonstrated the knowledge covered in the following InterCEPT classes:
CP-01: Developing and Implementing a Documented Counterfeit Mitigation Program
TM-01: Counterfeit Inspection and Testing of Electronic Parts: Test Methods Overview
CF-02: Understanding the Global Electronics Supply Chain and How Counterfeits Enter the Supply Chain
ST-01: Industry Response to Counterfeits: An Overview of the Industry Standards

Please note that if you have already completed any of these classes above, you do not need to re-take them.

Certification Requirements:

  • Successful completion and obtaining a passing grade of the required InterCEPT classes during a one-year period.
  • Certification candidates must apply for this certification by submitting an application which is subject to approval.
  • Upon successful completion of requirements, the candidate will be awarded an InterCEPT Program Manager Certification for Counterfeit Electronic Parts.

Four InterCEPT classes
  • Tuition: $900.00
  • ERAI Member Discount: $720.00
Certification Renewal Requirements:

Recertification is necessary every five years and requires successful completion of current InterCEPT Program Manager class suite.

Revocation of Certification:

Individual is charged with a crime or is named as a defendant in a legal action resulting in a finding of guilt related to the supply of suspect/counterfeit parts.

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