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(1.) Electronic Components that have not been previously used in any capacity.
(2.) Goods that are free of any physical defects such as: scratches, test marks, third party markings, programs or bent leads. (The leads on NEW parts should be in pristine condition; this does not mean refurbished, if the leads have been retinned / refurbished, they should be classified as refurbished.)
(3.) New product should be packaged in the original manufacturers packaging (tubes, trays, reels, or as is specified by the manufacturer). This does not mean the original factory box OR factory sealed.
(4.) Components in tubes and in trays should have the same date code, lot code and country of origin. Components on a reel should have the same date code, lot code and country of origin unless otherwise specified on the original factory label. (i.e., as was packaged by the original manufacturer) A distributor can sell more than one date code in a shipment, however all components in a single tube, tray or reel, etc., should contain a consistent date code, (including week code and lot code) and country of origin.
(5.) New product does not need to be factory sealed in order to meet the industry standard definition of "new". However, moisture sensitive and static sensitive devices should be packaged in the proper ESD packaging material.