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CBP Damage Report
U.S.-based distributors who are placing orders with international suppliers are reporting that shipments that have been subsequently inspected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) contain damaged parts. Because the goods were not properly repackaged by CBP, the parts were severely damaged in transit causing a financial loss to the importer. CBP appears to bear no financial responsibility or liability even if their negligence contributed to the damage of the goods.

ERAI has begun documenting these types of incidents in an effort to demonstrate to Customs the importance of proper handling and repacking. Our objective is to raise awareness and provide feedback from the industry that might lead to changes in how shipments containing sensitive devices are inspected and repackaged. Your input is vital. If you receive a damaged shipment that is the result of improper handing or repacking by CBP, please take a moment to let us know.

This form is also available as a Microsoft Word document at The form can be returned via fax to 1-239-236-1529 or emailed to

Company Information
Company Name:
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Shipment Details
Date shipment received:
CBP Port of Entry:
Part Number(s):
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Total quantity of parts in shipment:
Total cost of goods of parts in shipment:
Parts shipped in:
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Shipment Damage
Total quantity of damaged parts in shipment:
Total value of goods damaged in shipment: $
Description of damage to parts in received shipment:

Please be sure to provide photographs of the shipment, packaging and damaged parts to this report. Images may also be emailed separately to