ERAI Company Reporting Guidelines

A sincere and reasonable effort will be made to contact the Reported Company allowing them the opportunity to dispute the information being provided. If the Reporting Company has provided sufficient evidence to substantiate their complaint and if the Reported Company fails to respond to or dispute the complaint, ERAI will proceed with our reporting procedures. Communications between the Reporting and Reported Parties, ERAI and its representatives is considered privileged and confidential and should not be disseminated to third parties not directly involved in the complaint. A case may be dismissed and/or a company’s ERAI membership may be revoked (if applicable) if documentation and/or emails are disseminated to third parties and/or if evidence is provided to suggest false data/documentation was provided to ERAI. All parties understand that information provided to ERAI is the property of ERAI, Inc.

ERAI will act in an unbiased manner in an effort to mediate a situation fairly and amicably to the best of our ability. It is important to understand that your company may be asked to reach a compromise or settlement with the other party/parties. You are entitled to accept or refuse a proposed settlement.

ERAI Alerts include a summary of the reported incident and only identify the Reported Company. Most incidents are reported as Alerts. For various reasons, ERAI may report a complaint as a Dispute. If it is determined that your complaint will be reported as a Dispute, ERAI will notify both parties prior to its release. A Dispute Alert discloses the names of both the Buyer and Seller and is posted in the company profiles of both parties. The Reporting Company will have the right to dismiss the complaint if they do not wish to move forward with a Dispute Alert. Neither party will lose their ERAI membership (if applicable) as a result of a Dispute Alert.

It is ERAI policy that once posted, Disputes and Alerts are not removed from the ERAI website.
  • Alerts that remain unresolved will be visible on the ERAI website indefinitely.
  • Alerts that are resolved will be archived three (3) years from the date of resolution.
  • Disputes, regardless if they are resolved or unresolved, will be archived after three (3) years from the date reported.
  • All archived Disputes and Alerts will remain archived indefinitely.
If the involved parties have contact with each other without ERAI’s involvement after the complaint has been filed that alters the status or details of the incident or if the incident is distributed on an ERAI Alert or Dispute and the status changes in any way (e.g. resolved, partial payments, settlement agreement, etc.), it is important that ERAI is notified in order for us to maintain accurate records. ERAI will update/correct any erroneous or outdated information if substantiating documentation is furnished.

If you would like to speak with an ERAI Representative directly regarding the ERAI Reporting Process, please call 239-261-6268.