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See Used. (1) Any device that has been previously mounted (either soldered or socketed) onto a printed circuit board or any other electronic assembly. (2) Used parts should have full leads, unless otherwise specified. (3) Used parts may be sold in third party packaging or in bulk packaging and may consist of numerous date codes, lot codes, week codes, and countries of origin. (4) Used parts may have physical defects, such as scratches, slightly bent leads, test dots, faded markings, chemical residue, or other signs of use. (5) Used parts may be sold with a limited warranty. (6) Used programmable devices may still contain programs or remnants of programs not completely removed from the component, which could affect the device’s future use and functionality. (7) Used parts that are sold as refurbished should meet the industry definition of Refurbished or should be sold simply as USED or PULLED.