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77.9% of attendees specify "content" as the main reason for attending the conference.

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Excellent conference! ERAI provided a good balance of speaker content with networking opportunities. Thanks!

John Moran, Director, Materiel
Cubic Defense Applications, Inc.
Overall this was a very good experience. Great content!

Philip Ohanian, Vice President
Ital Electronics Inc.

Having representatives from almost all sectors of the electronic components supply chain in one room, sharing information, is extremely beneficial (and necessary) to all. I especially liked the ‘Tracks’ format! Excellent! Having open forums where participants can discuss their views was very good.

Pedro Nunez, Quality Assurance Manager
Aapex International Inc.
Keep up the good work!

Keith Gilkes, Vice President
MicroRam Electronics Inc.

77.4% rated the conference as "excellent" or "above average" compared to other conferences of this type.

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97.3% of attendees would recommend this conference to others.

Would you recommend this conference to others?
Top-shelf speakers (all were subject-matter experts).

Neil Vill, President & CEO
World Data Products, Inc.
In all, very beneficial…I especially like the fact that there was emphasis placed on how relationships in this industry are crucial…supplier qualification is a vitally important aspect of this fight...

Paul Nagao
Stock-Point Electronics, Inc.

The most beneficial aspect of the conference in my opinion was the new format of the breakout sessions allowing attendees to choose their own path of topics that will benefit them the most. The breakout sessions also allow a greater range of topics to be covered.

Michael McCain, Quality Manager
New Advantage Corporation

98.7% agree that the content of the conference sessions was appropriate and informative.

The content of the conference sessions was appropriate and informative.

79.7% thought the overall agenda was excellent or above average.

What did you think of the agenda overall?

This conference provides a chance to connect with key contacts within the industry which fosters stronger relationships.

Scott Tucci, President
Flexible Components
One of the most beneficial aspects of this conference was hearing from some of the suppliers, OEM's etc. that are working day-to-day with the issues of counterfeits and trusted sources and seeing what their struggles are and what they are trying to do to ensure they are not affected.

Sally Arno
Plexus Corporation

The work shops were very beneficial. It allowed us to break out to our points of interest.

Joe Stoeckel, Supplier Quality Engineer
L-3 Communications
I really enjoyed the conference and came away with a lot of good information.

Nancy Nardi, Supply Chain Manager
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

95.9% were satisfied with the conference materials provided.

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