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You do not need to be a Member or pay a fee to report nonconforming or suspect counterfeit part data to ERAI. Please be advised that ERAI provides complete anonymity to the reporting company/entity and, as such, information on the reporting company is not visible on the ERAI website.

The easiest method is to e-mail a copy of your internal failure report or third party test report (supplier or customer information can be removed at your discretion). Please e-mail your report to The ERAI staff will extract the required data and protect your anonymity. Copies of your actual report will not be posted on the ERAI website unless specifically requested by your organization.

Alternately, you can use the form below to submit your information online. For additional information on submitting a part to ERAI, please click here to view ERAI's Part Reporting Guidelines. If you have any questions or have difficulty submitting this form, please contact the ERAI office at 239-261-6268.

Please note that the fields marked with a red corner are REQUIRED fields.

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Please provide us with your contact information in case we have a question about your submission. Your identity will not be revealed or displayed on any alerts and will be kept confidential.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are reporting a suspect counterfeit part, you will be required to provide ERAI with a test report or substantiating information including photographs to support your claim. For liability purposes, all suspect counterfeit part information must be documented. This is for your protection and for the protection of ERAI as the reporting agent. ERAI has the legal right to any data or to use any data on its site supplied to it including ownership, maintenance, storage, dissemination and use of that information along with future use of the information even if the supplier of that information is not an ERAI Member or if membership is discontinued or revoked.

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