TM-04 Counterfeit Inspection and Testing of Electronic Parts Surface Testing and Criteria for Acceptance or Rejection Class Launched

Anne-Liese Heinichen
ERAI, Inc.

A new class has been added to InterCEPT’s suite of counterfeit inspection and testing of electronic parts study course. TM-04 provides an in-depth discussion of surface testing associated with detecting counterfeit electronic parts. It references both the IDEA 1010B standard and SAE AS6171 requirements for surface inspection. The class includes video footage and images from a test lab to help the student understand how surface testing is performed. Device images are reviewed so that the student can recognize the criteria for acceptance and rejection.

The course covers:

  • Surface testing - tests for remarking and resurfacing
    • Equipment needed, equipment costs
    • How to perform the tests including on-site video and step-by-step instructions
    • Criteria for acceptance
    • Criteria for rejection
  • Content of test reports
  • Training considerations
  • Outsourcing surface testing

Students completing the class will:

  • Understand the terminology for tests for remarking and resurfacing.
  • Understand how to perform the tests.
  • Understand the criteria for acceptance and rejection.
  • Understand the general format of the test report for surface testing.
  • Assess additional considerations including equipment needed, equipment cost, training and outsourcing options.

The class is best suited for individuals with quality, inspection and testing, purchasing, and sales responsibilities. Students taking TM-04 are expected to have a working knowledge of what a counterfeit part is and where counterfeit parts come from. If you do not have sufficient background knowledge, InterCEPT recommends completion of CF-01: A Historical Overview of Counterfeit Electronic Part Activity: The Risk, Response, and Solution and TM-01: Counterfeit Inspection and Testing of Electronic Parts: Test Methods Overview.

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