Free Webinar - Counterfeit Parts Avoidance - Part II

Kristal Snider
NASA - Office of Safety & Mission Assurance

SMA Discussion Forum: Counterfeit Parts Avoidance, Part II
Feb 18, 2015

Counterfeit parts within the government supply chain are a growing concern. Join us for a Safety and Mission Assurance Discussion Forum on March 3 at 1 p.m. EST as our panelists continue the dialog on combating counterfeit parts, including

  • Cyber security and electronic parts
  • Ruminations, myths and unreliable facts
  • Mechanical and structural counterfeiting

How to Attend

The panel will convene at 1 p.m. EST. To watch the event, visit Be sure to test your system before the webcast in case you need to download any software. SATERN credit will be given to those who attend. Questions? Contact

Panelists and Presentations

Dan DiMase, SAE G-19A Technical Chairman

Ensuring Hardware Cyber Security

Attack vectors are introduced through vulnerabilities in electronic parts that could be used to compromise cyber-physical-system function or gain access to critical and sensitive system information. Cyber-physical and industrial-control systems are susceptible to compromising attacks due to electronic parts with embedded malware or hardware Trojans. Further unintended vulnerabilities also can be introduced with the integration of complex hardware, software and firmware supporting the critical infrastructure without a holistic approach to address areas of concern for a cyber-physical system. This presentation will provide awareness of the threats and current efforts being developed to ensure hardware cyber security.

Henry Livingston, Engineering Fellow and Technical Director, BAE Systems

Ruminations, Myths and Unreliable Facts

This briefing is derived from facts and observations associated with a counterfeit part escape rich with lessons and surprises just below the surface. A careful study of events leading to this counterfeit part escape and findings revealed in the aftermath illustrate that a number of popular “truths” are myths or, at best, unreliable facts. 

Wayne Moss, Material Fraud and Counterfeit Material Manager, U.S.Navy

NAVSEA Counterfeit Material Awareness, Mechanical Components

This presentation provides the audience a larger understanding for how widespread the counterfeit issue is in the non-electronic (mechanical) material sector of the supply chain. Numerous examples of mechanical material known to be counterfeit are provided in an effort to improve audience awareness regarding this serious issue as many mechanical items are used in critical applications and present a human safety risk.