2013 ERAI Executive Conference - Downloads

ERAI Executive Conference 2013 Speaker and Workshop Presentations

Please check back for additional presentations. Where a presentation is marked as NOT AVAILABLE, there will not be a download file.

April 18, 2013

General Session

Welcome Remarks - Mark Snider

Supply Chain Security: Reducing Threats to Critical Systems - Robert Metzger

How exposing the target led to reducing the threat - Steve Foster

Traceability in the Age of Globalization - Panel Discussion Workshops

Training Track 1: Counterfeit Awareness

Counterfeit Parts Training - Awareness

Training Track 2: Standards

Implementation of AS6081 - Counterfeit Electronic Parts for Distributors (Part 1) – NOT AVAILABLE

Training Track 3: Legal | Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security: Reducing Threats to Critical Systems - Mark Northrup , Lori Leroy

Training Track 4: Emerging Technologies

SigNature® DNA Marking and Forensic Authentication of Electronic Components

Identification & Authentication in a 21st Century Identification Environment

Training Track 5: Skills Development

Perform at Your Peak: How Understanding Electronic Component Design, Construction and Performance Aids in Counterfeit Identification and Avoidance – NOT AVAILABLE

Training Track 6: Legal

CBP’s Process of "Detention" and "Seizure" of Counterfeit Electronics Products

Planning on doing business with overseas companies, then be prepared to arbitrate

You've Been Served - What companies need to know and do when a grand jury subpoena arrives at the door

What to do if you are you the subject of a Government Debarment Proceeding?

New Mark, New Part? Potential Intellectual Property Perils and Pitfalls of Rebranded Parts

Training Track 7: Supply Chain Management

Developing an Integrated Supply Chain for Legacy Systems

Perception vs Reality: What Independent Distribution actually brings to the Supply Chain

Audit Priorities since NDAA 2012: What are Top Defense & Aerospace Contractors focusing on in ID Audits

April 19, 2013

General Session

Reducing the waste of broken communications - Achieving measurable results - Dan Berry

A year on; why trusted Independent Distribution is key to the solution - Geoff Hill

Guidance for handling, reporting and disposing of fraudulent, suspect and counterfeit parts and the challenges (legal, economic, etc.) this presents - Keith Gregory NOT AVAILABLE

Current Status of Various Industry Standards for Mitigating Counterfeits and Challenges Ahead for Both Obsolete and Current Technology Products – Sultan Ali Lilani

Contrasting Quality Inspections and Engineering Inspection for Counterfeit Detection - Gary Shade

Initial Material Qualification must be Reinforced with Periodic Verification and Testing Throughout the Product Life Cycle Due to Supplier Noncompliance & Suspect Counterfeiting - Bob Vermillion

Training Track 8: Counterfeit Identification

Counterfeit Parts Inspection Training

Training Track 9: Standards

Implementation of AS6081 - Counterfeit Electronic Parts for Distributors (Part 2) – NOT AVAILABLE

Training Track 10: Legal | Test & Inspection

Non-compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Packaging Materials Can Lead to ESD Hazards and Long-Term Storage Issues and Pose Issues in Handling, Inspection and Manufacturing

Detecting Counterfeit ICs: Risk mitigation with electrical test

Training Track 11: Emerging Technologies

Counterfeit Component Detection Utilizing Silicon Biometrics Techniques

Advanced Detection of Electronic Counterfeits (ADEC)

Ceramic Taggants for Authentication or Provenance Marking of Electronic Components

Removing Ambiguity from Surface Analysis: QSA Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Training Track 12: Electrical Testing - Advanced

Contrasting Quality Inspections and Engineering Inspection for Counterfeit Detection

What is not enough and What is too much! (Electrical Test)

Counterfeit Parts - Detection via Electrical Testing Techniques

Post decapsulation internal visual inspection

Data Fusion for Augmented Counterfeit Detection Efficacy – NOT AVAILABLE

Training Track 13: Supply Chain Management

Credibility with Trust and Full Contact Communication

Training Track 14: AS5553-A

Implementation of AS5553A and how AS6081 can help