2013 ERAI Executive Conference - Attendee Feedback

Please specify the main reason for attending this conference:

Another awesome event. The speakers, subject matter, and quality of workshops was excellent......... Job well done.

Joe Stoeckel, L-3 Cincinnati Electronics
Many people have conferences and discuss the counterfeit problem. I think this conference is especially valuable because it brings together a wide spectrum of the industry, distributors, primes, legal and spec writers so we can all talk face-to-face and better understand each other’s difficulties and how best to address them.

Robert Bodemuller, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

How much value for the money was this conference?

Every year this is a big show for us. We always benefit from it and it never disappoints. I much preferred the setup at Orlando than previous locations because it gave us greater access to attendees. Another great show, ERAI!

Erik Jordan, Nisene Technology Group

What did you think of the agenda overall?

Very Well done and well organized.

Edgar Usman, New Jersey Micro-Electronic Testing Inc
Great overall job done by ERAI.

Jay McCauley, 4 Star Electronics

Would you recommend this conference to others?

The annual ERAI conference provides the venue and the access to meet and speak with almost every key player in our industry. All aspects of the industry are represented and open for questions. It's a great opportunity to keep informed of new ideas.

Joe Rance, Abstract Electronics
This year’s conference marks a big achievement for the ERAI. It's a well-known industry tool that is synonymous with the latest quality advancements.

Nir Levy, Iconix Inc

How would you rate this conference compared to other conferences of this type that you have attended?

I highly recommend to professionals in the Electronics, Materials, and Software Supply Chain Security occupations to attend!

Mark Northrup, IEC Electronics Corp
It was important to me to attend the ERAI Conference. I met a lot of people I had only known by phone, and the training and sharing of ideas far outweighs the cost of attending.

How likely are you to attend this conference next year?

The most beneficial aspect of the conference was meeting counterparts and being able to discuss issues that affect us all.

Janet Kuntz, Crestwood Technology Group

In which city should ERAI host its next event?

The ability to ask questions of industry peers and leaders is the most beneficial aspect of the conference. At one time I was in a 2 hour conversation with four people representing nearly 3/4 of a billion dollars in industry sales. Where else can you do that?