Exhibitor Feedback

100% of Exhibitors rated the conference as excellent or good.

Overall, how would you rate the 2012 ERAI Executive Conference?

The ERAI Executive Conference is always an event Nisene looks forward to. ERAI does a great job of creating an atmosphere that brings in many companies. As a vendor, it is a great opportunity to see almost all of our customers at one event and meet companies/people face to face instead of email and phone. Unlike many other conferences or events that we exhibit at, ERAI is quick to respond to issues at the show...always great to know the coordinator is going to do what they can to support exhibitors.

Erik Jordan, National Sales Manager
Nisene Technology Group

This is a good conference for meeting other stakeholders and industry experts. So much is happening in this industry. ERAI has found terrific way to share current events, best practices and experiences that impact this important market sector. As an Accredited Registrar of international standards, NQA believes that it is important to have a venue to share information about how a quality management system like ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120 can positively impact every distributor through improved efficiency, and the management of risks such as counterfeit parts. ERAI is providing a great service by hosting this annual conference.

Randy Pittman

100% of Exhibitors indicated that they would be interested in future sponsorship/exhibitor opportunities with ERAI

Would you be interested in sponsorship/exhibitor opportunities with ERAI in the future?

74.7% Rated ERAI's conference as excellent or above average in comparison with other events.

How does ERAI's conference compare to other events?
This was my first time attending the ERAI Executive Conference. Your conference is now on our ‘must attend’ list. We received a large number of contacts and we're hopeful that several of them will turn into customers.

Anne Poncheri, Managing Director
Silicon Cert Laboratories

The conference was a tremendous success. It was a perfect mix of critical industry education, coupled with a fantastic venue to meet new prospective clients.

David Friede, COO
The Harry Krantz Company

Increasing awareness was the prime objective of the majority of exhibitors.

What were your primary sponsorship/exhibition objectives at the ERAI Executive Conference?

The majority of conference attendees were either decision makers or influential in the decision making process.

How would you characterize the attendees at the 2012 ERAI Executive conference?

The ERAI Conference offers a new and timely meeting point for those involved in the mitigation of counterfeit components from the supply chain. We hope to see the scope of the event grow in upcoming years.

Tim Hazeldine, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Ultra Tec Manufacturing

The ERAI Executive Conference is the premier counterfeit detection meeting. That's why we choose it as the platform to launch new technologies.

Bill Cardoso, President
Creative Electron

92.3% of exhibitors generated new leads.

Did you generate any new leads?

84.6% rated service from ERAI in advance of the conference as excellent.

Please rate the quality of service you received from ERAI in advance of the conference.

Looking forward to next year's show. Thanks for listening and putting the event together.

Jeffrey Yagoda, President
Axiom Software Ltd.

The companies that are invited to come represent the top tier….this is very helpful for our development.

Leonard Nelson, Chief Operating Officer
Covisus, Inc.

92.3% rated quality of service from ERAI during the conference as excellent.

Please rate the quality of service you received from ERAI during the conference.