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CF-02: Understanding the Global Electronics Supply Chain and How Counterfeits Enter the Supply Chain
Class Overview
A supply chain is a network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute a specific product.  The supply chain represents the steps it takes to get the product from the original manufacturer to the customer.  Companies in a supply chain are often referred to as tiers.  In this class we will examine the various tiers that make up the global semiconductor supply chain. In doing so we will:

  • Explain the vital role each tier plays.
  • Demonstrate the movement of parts through the use of real-world scenarios.
  • Identify vulnerabilities that may contribute to the introduction of a counterfeit part, which has the potential to seriously compromise the safety and operational effectiveness of products. 
Class Content
  • Definition of the tiers of suppliers in the electronic supply chain (OCM, AD, ID, Broker)
  • Electronics supply chain statistics from the Bureau of Industry and Security study
  • Risk levels associated with each tier
  • Definition of the tiers of customers in the electronic supply chain (OEM, CM)
  • Supply chain transactions and their vulnerabilities

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the vital role of each tier of the electronic supply chain.
  • Distinguish the risk levels associated with different tiers of the supply chain.
  • Identify vulnerabilities that may contribute to the introduction of a counterfeit part.

Target Audience
Industry Sectors:
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Contract Electronics Manufacturers, Independent Distributor, Government, Repair Facility
Job Functions:
Program Management, Engineering, Purchasing, Sales, Quality
Class Information
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Tuition: $225.00
(ERAI Member Price: $180.00)
List of Prerequisites and Recommended Pre-Course Learning
Class Handouts