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Survey Results are in - Lack of Communication and Trust Negatively Impacting Relationship Between Industry and CBP

Anne-Liese Heinichen

At this year’s ERAI Executive Conference, Jorge Garcia, Deputy Assistant Director, Trade and Assistant Director, Enforcement, Electronics Center of Excellence and Expertise, discussed U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Centers of Excellence and their role in detecting and seizing suspect counterfeit goods.

In 2014 CBP recorded imports to the US consisting of 11 million maritime containers, 10 million truck containers, 3 million rail containers, plus 250 million air cargo, postal and express consignment packagesi; a massive volume seemingly impossible to monitor. However, CBP has had successes in stemming the flow of counterfeit electronic parts. In fiscal year 2014, CBP Operation BeatsBody focusing on consumer electronics as well as integrated circuits resulted in 234 seizures totaling $1.5 million MSRPii. During FY2014 as a whole, 13% of total seizures representing a MSRP of $162,209,441.00 consisted of consumer electronics/partsiii.

It is becoming apparent from reports from Members that CBP is increasing enforcement efforts and more international shipments are being detained. CBP itself reports a 5% increase in seizures of semiconductors from FY2013 to FY2014iv.

With this apparent increase in seizure and detention activity, we polled our Members to learn more about their experiences with CBP.



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