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ERAI Services
For the past twenty years, ERAI has been the leader in providing services enabling companies in the electronics supply chain to perform industry-specific risk mitigation on suspect counterfeit and non-conforming parts and identify problematic suppliers and customers.  As an added benefit, Members receive exclusive data reports, multi-media training opportunities, and the chance to expand their network to a global reach of companies united together to reduce losses and promote more effective business practices.

While ERAI is widely recognized as a leading source of information on problematic parts and suppliers, the truth is ERAI offers a wide variety of services, not all of which require membership:

  • Reporting a part nonconformance or suspect counterfeit part or problematic supplier or customer is free of charge to any company in the supply chain of electronics through our Report a Part feature.

  • eraiESCROW is a fee-based service also open to all facets of the industry, regardless of membership status.  As an added level of protection during a transaction,  eraiESCROW will conduct background screenings on your potential customer or supplier as well as scrub the part against ERAI’s high risk part database, making eraiESCROW a reliable and safe way to buy and sell parts.

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