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** ST-04: Industry Response to Counterfeits: Standards Developed for Counterfeit Detection Test Methods
Class Overview
Several standards setting organizations have developed and issued standards to address the issue of counterfeit electronic parts entering the supply chain.  The standards developed address the various tests and inspections that can detect counterfeit electronic parts before they enter products or the supply chain. The testing and inspection standards define the equipment needed to perform the inspection or test, describe how to perform the inspection or test and the criteria for acceptance or rejection.  This class provides an in-depth discussion of the standards that define the counterfeit mitigation test methods for electronic parts.  
Class Content
  • Counterfeit detection test methods standards
    • SAE AS6171
    • IDEA-STD-1010B
    • CTI, Inc., CCAP
  • A comparison of the test method standards
  • Customer flow-down and requirements
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the purpose and application of the test method standards
  • Understand the counterfeit detection test methods
    • External Visual Inspection
    • Surface testing
    • X-ray Fluorescence
    • Decapsulation
    • Radiography
  • A comparison of the test method standards
  • Customer flow-down and requirements
Target Audience
Industry Sectors:
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Independent Distributors, Authorized Distributors, Government Agencies, Test Laboratories
Job Functions:
Laboratory Management, Inspection and Testing, Purchasing, Sales, Quality, Engineering, Contracting
Class Information
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Tuition: $225.00
(ERAI Member Price: $180.00)
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Class Handouts
Comparison of standards; cross-reference of test methods to standards.